Frequently Asked Questions

Are there cases you don’t take?

We elect not to take on certain types of cases, especially when there is a risk of obscuring access to information of importance to the public. Examples include but are not limited to the following situations:

Court proceedings underway
Indictments for sexual or violent crimes
Crimes involving children
Felony fraud convictions

Can’t I just have content removed myself?

It used to be possible in the early days of the Web, but it has become extremely difficult to do this on your own. Even if you are a prolific writer and have the time to create large volumes of Web content, you will need some professional help. Online reputation management is equally about how you publish materials—where, when, in what format, with which kinds of metadata, etc. Through painstaking research, we’ve discovered the most efficient way to do this.

How do you fix search results?

It’s about pushing up the good and pushing down the bad. The top page of search results has the biggest impact on your reputation, because over 90% of searchers never go beyond these items. Over 99% never go beyond page two.

What websites are you able to remove content from?

We have successfully removed news articles, blogs, attack websites, reviews, complaints, mugshots, civil legal documents, pdf’s, pictures, videos, and more. Not everything is possible to remove, but we have removed many things that our clients initially believed were impossible.

Who do you work with?

We work with both individuals and companies. With around 200 new clients every month, it’s evenly split between individuals and businesses.

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