Cannabis Review & Reputation Management

Cannabis businesses have to follow strict guidelines regarding there marketing practices and the ability for advertising, which really leaves a lot of weight on the need for many positive reviews.

Grow your Cannabis sales

The public see when an organization reacts rapidly and handles issues viably. The more you connect with your clients and demonstrate to them that you give it a second thought, the more your business will flourish. That is why cannabis businesses need reputation management.

Increase Your Customer Satisfaction

It can be a very tedious and nonstop procedure to screen, oversee, and react to your item reviews. Investing the time to not only monitor reviews but responding to them regardless if they are positive or negative will improve your company and products reputation to consumers.

Take a proactive approach to negative reviews, turning an unhappy customer into a satisfied one.



Continuous monitoring of your Amazon stores mentions, reviews and comments.


Well take care of answering positive & negative reviews so you can run your business.



Generate more reviews by having us reach out to past & current customers.

Dispensary Management Features

Whats Included

Improve Your Dispensaries Search Rankings

With higher rankings in relevant search results, you can accelerate product sales — and higher sales allow your company to earn more reviews from verified shoppers, such as through the Early Reviewer Program. And with more satisfied reviews, you can solidify your rankings even more.

Maximize Your Brand Awareness

If you maintain an Amazon Store, your high-ranking and well-reviewed products can also contribute to other digital marketing strategies. For example, your Amazon Store can feature social links, which encourage happy shoppers to follow and interact with your business on social media.

Out Class The Competition

Improving your sales and revenue on Amazon requires your company to develop a better strategy than your competitors. That’s why you want a results-driven agency like True Said — we create a data-driven approach that places your business ahead of its toughest competitors.

Continuously Detect, Protect, and Monitor Your Personal Data

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