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Importance of a Hotel’s Online Reputation

Having a vast amount of online reviews should be the utmost Importance of a hotel’s online reputation, for your hotel can either be a source of motivation for consumers or ultimately end up hurting your business. Due to the transparency of the internet, we now live in an era where everybody who has an opinion about an item or service has the ability to easily post a review and comment via web-based networking media channels, this includes: Google my Business, Yelp, Trip Advisor and just to name a few. It’s pretty typical for potential guests to surf the web for hotel reviews before following through with the booking. For those working in the hospitality business, visitors leaving positive and negative reviews on the web will directly correlate to hotels direct income.

Your hotel’s online reputation holds gigantic worth and must be a piece of your marketing plan.

Travelers checking a hotel or resorts reviews aren’t always looking to get a make or break answer as to whether or not they should book. but to get a more extensive view of the accommodations from the consumer’s point of view. The new-age traveler is savvy enough to comprehend what others are mentioning about the trip before affirming the booking status. Frequently, reviews for past visitors will in general impact the psyches of the potential customer. Which is the reason, a one-star rating or a 5-star rating on a presumed stage regularly directs the sort of income generated.


For what reason should your hotels online reputation matter?

  • Online travel sales to US residents grew by 7%, totalling $277 billion, in 2015
  • The travel industry is creating more mobile-friendly platforms and adapting to the lifestyle of consumers.
  • Hotels are working on strategies to entice more online bookings, including loyalty programs.
  • Online travel sales for US residents is expected to reach $344 billion by 2020, with $108 billion of this coming from mobile transactions.

What your previous visitors state about your location as content, photographs, videos, and social media is the sort of substance that will affect the purchase decisions of the potential travelers.


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