How to respond to negative reviews

How to Respond to Negative Reviews

Due to the advances in the 21st century, consumers are becoming more and more reliant on technology, its important to respond to negative reviews. This has affected the way they shop for products and services, business transparency is key, essentially overlooking a negative only review, not an option. In certainty, it can really make matters worse, to an onlooking audience who filters through your reviews before making a purchasing decision. But replying in itself isn’t sufficient. What you say to the consumer, and how you state it and makes all the difference, as well.

Do you have an awful review to react to? here are our tips to help:

1. React rapidly (inside 24-48 hours):

The previous customer took the time to write the review for a reason, so treat it as dire. React rapidly, demonstrate that you’re tuned in to client input and that you’re a functioning member in your business.

2. Offer to make it right:

Continuously offer to make your wrongs right. On the off chance that somebody was discontent with your product or service, offer them something in exchange, and put your best senior expert on it. For example; In the event that the t-shirt they ordered online arrived with a tear in the sleeve, send them a new one, with a handwritten note of your apologies — and do it ASAP.

Customers are always going to take you up on your idea of a complimentary gift, however, it’s imperative that you offer in any case — if just to indicate potential leads that you’re willing to go the additional mile.

3. Be legitimate:

Clients need to realize it’s a genuine human reacting to them — not a bot or automated program. Attempt to be as real as conceivable in your answers, and keep the advertising talk and language out of the condition.

Keep it genuine, conversational and legit, and your client will welcome it.

4. Keep it courteous:

It’s essential to pursue a more respectable option when reacting to negative audits. Regardless of whether a client posts a low-blow. Do your best to keep your reaction considerate, common and went for the current issue: the client’s disappointment, remember onlooking potential customers are going to see this as its made publicly available online.

5. Be thoughtful:

Feel for the client’s grumblings. Saying “I’m heartbroken” or “I comprehend” can go far in making a client feel like their supposition is legitimate (and esteemed).

6. Consider future clients:

In the event that a potential client was to peruse that awful review, what concerns would they have? Figure out how to address these issues with your staff to consistently improve your business. If you truly do your best at resolving negative issues you can be sure consumers will notice and your reviews will improve.

7. Contact the client directly:

When you’ve reacted openly on the web, reach the client on a personal level to demonstrate it’s not for show. Send them a message on Yelp, email their Google address or simply pick up the phone and call them to perceive how you can make it right.

Going the extra-mile to respond to negative reviews may even urge them to return and change their review or post another one.

Investigate the consumer’s motivation to post the review they did about your business before posting your very own reaction. If your a busy owner and don’t have time to respond to every review, we will do it for you, our enthusiastic reputation specialist will be more then happy to help through our Online Review Management Service.

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