Cause of Missing Google My Business Reviews

Cause of Missing Google My Business Reviews

As online notoriety turns out to be increasingly important for business to thrive and prosper, fake reviews are becoming more prominent.

These days businesses online reputation are fueled to some degree by online reviews. Much of the time the amount and nature of thees reviews can represent the deciding moment when consumers are concidering your business. Reviews reinforce trust, and when a potential client is contrasting your business with another business it very well may be a noteworthy main factor when deciding whether they will need to significantly think about you as a potential merchant.


86% of consumers read reviews for local businesses (including 95% of people aged 18-34)


Google affirmed the reason for the recent Google My Business reviews that have been going missing, an issue that may not be settled at any point in the near future.

Now and again it was just a couple of reviews that would vanish, in different cases, the majority of some business reviews disappeared.

Evidently, the issue is irrelevant to the next ongoing bug with Google My Business where postings were getting suspended subsequently.

There has since been an update from Google which reveals some insight onto the motivation behind why audits are disappearing.

For what reason Are Reviews Disappearing?

The organization says real reviews were incidentally expelled from Google My Business during Google’s endeavours to evacuate fake reviews.

Here’s Google’s full proclamation:

“In our progressing endeavours to expel fake reviews from Google Maps, we’ve encountered a bug with reviews being expelled from organizations. We are examining our program and frameworks to guarantee that any genuine audits are reestablished.”

On the off chance that you fully trust it – genuine reviews were unintentionally expelled and they could possibly be reestablished. The truth will surface eventually whether the issue gets settled. Meanwhile there’s nothing business can do as the issue is all on Google’s end.


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