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Remove Negative Online Content

True Said works with a variety of organizations and individuals whos pristine reputations were abruptly damaged by negative content. It doesn’t take much, one complaint an upset customer, a post from an enemy, or an online smear campaign by a competitor is all it takes to damage a company’s reputation. Thus hurting a company’s bottom line.

Fixing your online reputation can make an enormous difference in the quality and quantity of opportunities that come your way. The consequences are often huge for brands – in many cases a business can experience a 22% drop in business from a single negative search result on the first page (whether the information is true or not).

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Remove Negative Online Content


Job seekers and careerists improving their chances of getting hired and promoted.


Freelancers and consultants increasing the quality and volume of their clients.


Entrepreneurs attracting better customers, investors, talent and partners.

Review Management Features

Whats Included

Review Monitoring

Our comprehensive online review monitoring ensures you customer feedback is being tracked across 150+ review sites. We send text or email notification every time a review is posted for about your business.

Review Moderation

If your looking to grow your business’s positive reputation, you’ll need to do more than monitoring reviews. We respond to reviews & comments on your behalf, keeping customers engaged and acknowledge concerns right away. Complex inquiries are queued while the business owner is notified for further care.

Review Generation

Our Review Generation is all about gathering positive customer reviews for your business. This is done by reaching out to past and present customers to write positive reviews through email campaigns, SMS, trade show kiosks, website widgets, and custom landing pages.