We Monitor Your Reputation

The ability to track what people say about you online has several benefits. Most of all, monitoring what people say about you online will help you maintain a good reputation.


Reputation Monitoring

We monitor what’s said about your brand everywhere online, this includes search engines, social media, forums, news sites, blogs, and the dark web. Helping those understand their brand reputation online while providing unique marketing strategies to improve it. We will warn you about online reviews and opinions as they appear on major online review sites.

Your Brand is our Business.


We preform comprehensive monitoring of your brand. 24/7 across 10 million pages of the internet.


When issue arises you are notified via email or your designated account manager. They can also be found by logging into our platform.


Your account manager will provide solutions to resolving the issue. Including cost and time frame for removing the content.

social media reputation monitoring

We Monitor Your Reputation From Every Corner of the Web.

We monitor your brand on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, news, blogs, Amazon and the entire web. Our reputation monitoring is powered by the world’s most effective crawlers that scan over 13 billion pages daily to ensure you never miss an important conversation.

Monthly Plans

True Peace of Mind.

Monitor review sites, online news, blogs, forums, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Youtube. Receive alerts as soon as negative reviews are posted about you and respond quickly to take control of your reputation.

You’ll Know Before Anyone Else Does.

A fast response is key to keeping the negative comments to a minimum. “The quicker you can catch a negative comment online and address it, the better outcome you’re going to have. Often it’s just a misunderstanding, but sometimes it’s a legitimate complaint, so we need to fix it as quickly as possible.

51% of business owners have been negatively affected by unsolicited online reviews or targeted by unhappy customers.


” True Said helps our real estate agency maintain a respectable and professional reputation online, with hundreds of agents working underneath our brand, we need to stay on-top of all negative comments & reviews. ”

Stephen Geist
Real Estate Agent

Reasons To Use Monitoring

What You Ned to KNow

Identify The Problem ASAP

Know everything that everyone is saying in real time. Receive alerts from your designated account manager as soon as negative mentions are flagged about you. Responding quickly to take control of your reputation.

Anticipate and control buzz.

More often than not, it’s when there’s bad buzz or a crisis on the way that a company creates its online reputation monitoring system.

Protect Your Reputation

There is an ever-growing risk at hand where your brands digital image and online reputation faces scrutiny.

Strengthen Your Online Reputation

We reinforce your online notoriety by distributing positive content across the web about your business. This enables you to re-establish a strong positive reputation. 

Free Reputation Audit

Our Free Reputation Audit will search over 10 million data points across the web providing you with a report of any negative online threats.