Protection From Identity Theft

Our identity theft protection covers damages related to your stolen identity. Utilizing online technology to help safeguard personal information while monitoring private and public data, then providing assistance in resolving any breaches.

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In an increasingly connected world, cybercrime, identity theft, and fraud pose a significant risk to everyone. No longer are hackers targeting just the largest corporations. The value of an individual’s private data continues to grow as criminals become more efficient in harvesting and using personally identifiable information. Unraveling the aftermath of identity theft is both time consuming and expensive. You have to identify a company that offers anti identity theft software to stay protected against fraudsters.

Real-time Monitoring of Your Personal Information.

Data breachs happens when private, personal information is stolen or illegally viewed.The info from a data breach could be used to drain your bank accounts, file phony tax returns, apply for credit cards in your name, or rack up medical bills.

Sometimes all it takes is one stolen password. Hackers can use the password from one site to try to log into another — like your bank app or tax software.

Identity Theft Management

The threat of identity theft is real, and consumers need protection. Experian adds value to your enterprise by enabling you to bring innovative identity protection and fraud detection products and services to market. Our premium user experience and customer support help you to retain members and instill loyalty. Our wholesale rates and full-service member services capabilities reduce costs and overhead. Choose Experian and go to market quickly and efficiently with a customizable solution that meets your unique business needs.

Your Brand is our Business.

Reputation Monitoring

We’ll keep track of what people say about your brand online. Crawling billions of sources ensuring you always have insight.

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Reputation Recovery

Repair your reputation to create an accurate & authentic online profile. We improve brand reputation using ethical strategies.

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Reputation Protection

Defend your brand across the web to protect your reputation from emerging negative contact & future issues.

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Identity Theft Features

Whats Included

Identity Protection and Credit Report Monitoring

Identity protection and credit monitoring go hand-in-hand. Comprehensive protection that searches for unauthorized use of your identity in the dark web and public records and suspicious activity on your credit report will reduce your risk by increasing your chances of catching problems early.

Rapid Notification of Suspicious Activity

Let’s face it, no one wants to discover six months down the road that they’ve become a victim of identity theft. By then, the damage has already been done. A service that proactively alerts you to suspicious activity in a timely manner will greatly reduce liability by catching problems early.

Privacy Protection Tools for Online

Your computers are also at risk, which is why anti-phishing and anti-keylogging software is so important. It will help protect you from malware and add that extra layer of security you need when using the Internet at home or on the road.

Fully Managed Restoration and Identity Theft Insurance

As the population becomes an ever-increasingly digital world, identity theft happens can to anyone. Having identity theft insurance will help you restore your personal information and cover any financial losses if your identity is stolen.

Free Reputation Audit

Our Free Reputation Audit will search over 10 million data points across the web providing you with a report of any negative online threats.