Facts About Identity Theft (1)

Facts About Identity Theft

Learn from our Identity theft facts, Having a breach can ruin your reputation, damage your credit, redact your tax refund, and drain your bank account, just to name a few. In even more severe cases,you my even find yourself wrongfully arrested.

What Exactly is identity theft?

Identity theft (also called identity fraud) occurs when anyone wrongfully obtains your personal data to be used toward a malicious intent.

These identity thieves want personal data and that’s all, the more data points the better. These data points include bank account numbers, credit card numbers, social security numbers, medical records, passwords, and any other piece of data that can enable access to your identity.

Here are some facts about identity theft:

  1. One Identity Theft Happens Every Two Seconds

Identity Theft is one the rise year after year, it wont take much for criminals to reach the data they need through social media, phishing, or malware.

  1. 7% of the US Population Was an Identity Theft Victim

7% may seem like a relatively small percentage, but with a population of over 22 million people the number of victims add up.These are just cases that are reported. Who knows how large the number could actually be.

  1. Around 45% of those affected wont Find Out until 3 Months later

There are very few people who actually pay close attention to their tax or bank records. Since identity thefts usually go un-alerted, victims don’t notice they have been breached until months later.

  1. Over 75% of People Can’t Clean Their Records After an Identity Theft

When the breach is over the majority of those affected are unable to get credit loans, have issues with credit card services, and similar.

  1. Under 1% of Identity theft criminals Are Caught

As the name described cyber criminals use doesn’t involve physical contact, it is all digital, because of this it’s not exactly simple for authorities to to apprehend them, more often then not, these fraudsters are working on the other side of the globe where laws are less strict.

Preventive Steps

Either destroy or keep all personal information in a secure place, if storing data digitally say on Google Drive conciser using 2-factor authentication. Memorize your most commonly used passwords and personal identification (PIN) numbers. Make a photocopy of all credit and identification cards you carry with you, so that you can quickly call the issuers to inform them about missing or stolen cards and prove that your the administrator of the account. Don’t give away too much personal information on your business or personal web sites, as these sites are likely to be scrapped by Bots.

Restoring Stolen Identity

Restoring a stolen identity typically take months and sometimes even years to detect let alone restore. Because of this we recommend utilizing an Identity theft protection and monthly monitoring service for peace of mind.  Packages start at $9.99 and are offered through our partnership with Identity Guard.


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