Virginia's Anti-Revenge Law Now Covers 'Fake' Content

Virginia Anti-Revenge Law Now Covers ‘Fake’ Content

An update to Virginia’s law against retribution pornography forbidding the dissemination of online recordings and pictures that have been deep faked, typically this done by utilizing AI calculations to basically paste a picture on another person body, generally created with an aim to “pressure, annoy, or threaten” an unfortunate citizen.

Retribution pornography is explicitly realistic media of someone else without their consent. Virginia passed a law back in 2014 that falls under a Class 1 offense; the newly amended law now extends to malicious distribution of “falsely created video graphics or still images.”

Complex calculations that have the ability to naturally swap the essence of one individual in an obscene video with another have improved significantly as of late.

These days you don’t have to have photographs of the individual, all you really need are photos of their face, easily found by search engines. You can utilize AI software to place on the body.

Deepfakes have raised a ton of eyebrows over the past few years because of their potential to defraud everything from political disinformation crusades to mocking citizens,

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