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Reclaim Your Online Reputation.

True Said offers online reputation management services that help individuals, small businesses, brands, and influential entities. Ensuring that only positive, and accurate information is made visible online when someone searches for you.



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Reputation Management Services

True Said helps local businesses & professionals build an accurate, authentic online reputation through reviews, negative content removal & reputation protection.

Your Brand is our Business.

Reputation Monitoring

We’ll keep track of what people say about your brand online. Crawling billions of sources ensuring you always have insight.

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Reputation Recovery

Repair your reputation to create an accurate & authentic online profile. We improve brand reputation using ethical strategies.

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Reputation Protection

Defend your brand across the web to protect your reputation from emerging negative contact & future issues.

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social media reputation monitoring

We Monitor Your Reputation From Every Corner of the Web.

We constantly monitor your brand on search engines, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, news syndications, blogs, and the dark web. Our reputation monitoring software virtually monitors every corner of the internet by utilizing bots that effectively craw over 10 billion pages per day to ensure you never miss a significant discussion that your brand is mentioned in.


Ensuring Your Reputation Is Protected. Globally.

Your personal account manager will notify you when mentions of your brand gets flagged. Including a simple complaint from an upset customer, a post from a competitor, or an intentional online smear campaign is all it takes to damage a company’s reputation. Thus hurting their bottom line.

Fixing your online reputation will make a substantial difference in the quality and quantity of opportunities that come your way. 51% of business owners have been negatively affected by unsolicited online reviews or targeted by unhappy customers.


we alert you of negative content

online reputation repair

Your Reputation.
Is All You Have.

” True Said is unique, they stand out from the competition and I truly applaud all you have done in repairing my reputation after having my company’s integrity compromised.

How We Repair Your Reputation.

Whether you’re up against negative articles, bad reviews or inaccurate public profiles, we’ll bury unwanted content and build a positive online reputation that represents you or your brand. 

 identifying and analyzing potential and actual threats to your brand reputation, and taking them down before they become your next full blown crisis.

Reputation Strategists

SEO Specialists

PR Experts

Legal Veterins

True Saids Review management helped increase the number of visitors to our website over the past year making a huge difference in the growth of our business.

Roan Milne

Brewery Owner

I truly applaud all you have done in repairing my reputation after having my company’s integrity compromised.

Jay Sisco


They helped evaluate and act on product infringements fast, whilst saving a lot of time on competitor research, the monthly reports are very helpful for our management staff.

Steph Angelo


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Free Reputation Audit

Our Free Reputation Audit will search over 10 million data points across the web providing you with a report of any negative online threats.


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